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GM and IM titles on GameKnot I would like to start a discussion on implementing GM (Grandmaster) and IM (International master) titles on GameKnot.

Here's my proposal:
for each title, there will be a special tournament started every 3 months;
the minimum rating to be accepted into tournaments for GM title is 2000 and 1800 for IM title, also you have to finish at least 20 games (i.e. to have an established rating);
each player will play 2 games against each other player in a tournament (once as black, once as white);
proposed time control for the games is 3+1<7 (i.e. 3 days to start, 1 day added after each move, up to 7 days accumulated);
you need to finish with the top 20% score to earn a "norm" (i.e. if 30 players signed up for a tournament, top 6 will earn a "norm");
standard scoring system -- 1 point for a win, 1/2 for a draw, nothing for a loss;
you need to earn 3 "norms" in each specific tournament to qualify for that particular title (i.e. you need 3 GM norms to get a GM title, or 3 IM norms to get an IM title).

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