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ccmcacollister ♡ 74 ( +1 | -1 )
Fischer Random960 Chess/ or other Variants ... There is an interesting discussion on this variant that is ongoing in the Coaching Club's Forum. And brings me to raise the subject here; especially since some info is present that would be very useful to any 960 players here.
* * *
But as long as we're at it; please feel free to discuss other Variants of Chess, or 960 too. I've STILL not played a true 960 game yet, but plan to try it soon just for fun. But did play around a bit years ago with what they called Trancendental Chess then. I believe it was very similar to Random960, but the BL side did not necessarily have to mirror the WT position. And I found that even more interesting an idea; and Quite hard to adjust to the difference from Std.('standard') Chess.
* * * Regards, }8-) Craig A.C.
ccmcacollister ♡ 127 ( +1 | -1 )
Info ... i found in the Coaching Club Forum, or from the RandomGenerator site:
FYI To Anyone: Found interesting info at the site of the Random960 generator that zenbum gave( Due to a browser difficulty at moment, I'll need to provide that hyperlink in a following post here.)

The Standard Chess starting position is #54 .
I also thought #413 a bit interesting, with only the N's & R's swapped from the Std start.
Was wondering if anyone knows the numbers for this position =
and for the same, except with transposed K&Q (Qc1/Kf1) ? ... as it seems a strong start to me, with Rooks already centralized & Bishops pre-fianchettoed !
It was mentioned by mybooksrundeep that visualizing thru a game, just viewing the 960 StartPosition & game scoresheet would take excellent Visualization skills!
Indeed so, I believe. And so it suggests to me that such might be just the thing for a player to do, as a follow-up to having learned blindfold play of standard Chess
, to further increase their visualization & concentration abilities ?!!
After That, they might even venture to play some Blindfold Random960. I'll bet Fischer has done just that at times ... ?
ccmcacollister ♡ 252 ( +1 | -1 )
The HYPERLINK ... for the Fischer Random960 Generator of start positions; as CHESSGAMESdotCOM is:

Some Other Variants I have enjoyed, tho not yet played online are:
GIVEAWAY-CHESS where a player MUST make A CAPTURE if one (or more) is possible, but may choose which one to make if multiple captures are possible. And only has to make one move at a time, alternating with the other player, just as in Chess. So the only other real difference from that is King's may be taken as well. The winner is whoever is rid of ALL their pieces first. (Hint:to try to make caputures
that require your most dangerous attackers to be recaptured immediately, in turn,&
that force development upon your opponent also. And try to limit him to turns that give him only one capture option, which also does not allow you a recapture.)
* * *
I do not know what this one is called? Does anyone? It is played with BL setup as usual to start; but WT has only his Ke1 & pawns on c2,d2,e2 & f2 . WT still moves first; BUT each time it is his turn he can & must make Two consecutive moves. He wins if he can capture BL's king. So obviously he Can first attack, then Take the BL King & it does not get nor need to move out of that check from WT's first 1/2 turn. But BL Must relieve Check if he is in it when his turn comes. WT K must also get out of check first, before he can attack, if in it when his turn arrives. WT King CAN take BL King however, but BL k cannot take WT's (as usual).
The WT King Can pass thru a Check in the first half of his turn, as long as he does not remain in it at the conclusion of his second move of that turn (unless he has just taken BL's King, which would end the game.)
BL wins if he can Checkmate the WT king; remembering that Wt still gets two moves to get out of check before his turn is over.
An EG of Checkmate by BL:
THIS is NOT- WT Ka1 BL Qh1+ & Rg2 / as WT can walk out of it like Ka2/Ka3
THIS IS- WT Ka1 BL Qh1+, Rg2, & Rh3 as WT cannot get out of Check by end of Turn.
YES, one side can force a win with correct play(BL), but actually the otherside(WT) wins the most games in practice; and it was always fun. And if Black gets too cocky then putting a blitz clock on the game usually solves That. But if it does not, then a blitz clock AND play Cut-Throat time-control. Starting at 5 mins each,
but anytime BL wins he must deduct one minute from his clock until he can win at One Minute starting. The winner is he who can win with One Minute as Black. IF WT wins, then keep times the same but change colors.
rallyvincent ♡ 143 ( +1 | -1 )
We played this in school... I know another variants, if you are interested, Craig...

1. Tandem

It's played by four players on two boards. Each team of two plays on one board with white, on the other board with black. Normal chess rules apply. The specialty is:
The pieces your teammate takes on his board, will be at your disposal; the pieces you take on your board will be the reservoir of your teammate. Instead of making a regular move, you can also insert one of the taken pieces anywhere on the board (even with chess), if the square is not occupied. Example: Your teammate exchanges Queens on his board; in your turn you can either make a regular move, or place your teammate opponent's Queen on your board. Your opponent will have your teammates Quenn to do the same. If played with clocks, this is really funny (e.g. if you are in chess, but having no piece to move/place. Watching the clock tick while waiting for your teammate to finally take a piece...)
GOAL is checkmate on one board.

2. "Atom Chess" (that's what we called it)
Whenever you take a piece, you take all pieces that are on the surrounding nine squares. Winner is the player that gets all of his opponents pieces. You don't have to move with the King, even when in chess.

I think we all know some deviants that are played just for fun...

Rally V.
kewms ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
I've played variants of Tandem (also known as Bughouse) with more than two boards. It works with any even number. This gets quite entertaining, as people will lob pieces from one end of the table to the other. If interceptions are legal, chess becomes a contact sport...

basbos ♡ 98 ( +1 | -1 )
My preferred variants 1-Chess 960
No need for Book moves , just try to develop in the best way possible and one should start the hard thinking and look for weaknesses from the first move .
For a list of the top rankings in the world


2-Benedict Chess
When a moved piece attacks the attacked piece changes color. A piece that changes color has full function for the new side and can be moved on the very next move; but it does not attack an opposing piece to change its color until it is moved on a subsequent move. Discovered threats have no effect. The object of Benedict Chess is to change the color of the opposing player’s king. This is done by attacking it with a moved piece.There is neither "check" nor checkmate.

-> is loaded with a lot of variants
zenbum ♡ 22 ( +1 | -1 )
Just wondering It's been a LONG time since I've played Bughouse (aka Tandem). In our version you could capture the opponent's king, and the first team to possess all 4 kings won.

Are those the standard rules, or were we unorthodox heretics?