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How do you beat the grunfeld? I have this freind who is an expert on the grunfeld. He is also good at the sisilian so I don't want to play 1.e4. I need a good variation of the grunfeld to beat him, which line do I choose? Check out...... .......the annotated games list on my profile. Look for Bobby Fischer's Game of the Century. It is a fantastic Grunfeld game. tag1153 I want to beat the Grunfeld, not use it! Grunfield Beating The Grunfeld by… More: chess online
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Grandmasters: life,times,demise; facts & trivia I was hoping to start a dicussion about GM's, including the "old Masters" from pre-Elo days as well. I's like to know more about them, since just the other day I realized "Oh my gosh, I don't know Botvinnik's middle name!" This is for anything about their life, death, sayings, play, teaching, trivia or whatever that YOu feel may be little known, unusual, or just interesting to know. For instance,… More: backgammon online
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WCC in Argentina First round results: Polgar - Anand: 0 - 1 Morozevich - Kasimdzanow: 1/2 - 1/2 Leko - Topalov: 1/2 - 1/2 Svidler - Adams: 1/2 - 1/2 Actually, Leko -- Topalov is 0-1, due to Leko's phenomenal blunder which awarded Topalov the full point. Leko's first classical time control loss with the white pieces in god know's how long. Round 2 update: Topalov vs Anand 1/2-1/2 Adams vs Judit Polgar 1/2-1/2 Kasimdzhanov vs Svidler 1/2-1/2… More: online chess
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deciding on a move. (thinking technique) I have recently started developing a systematic thinking technique for deciding on a move. Partly due to seeing this idea in Kotov's book "think like a grandmaster" and silman's "reassess your chess." I am curious what all you fellow chess generals do when deciding on a any of you have a specific process of checking the board? I have just started to discipline myself and this is what I came up… More: backgammon online
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teacher I'm looking for someone to teach me to play chess well. I'm very bad. Only checkmate move I know is th e 4 move checkmate oh and..... I would be willing to join a team It would probably be a good thing to get a basic book on chess. Theres no plaace theres no place i can the nearest bookstore where I live is with 30 miles and I can't drive check online... ...most of the major chess book dealers and regular bookstores let you shop online.… More: chess history
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White/Black Something has puzzled me for a while. I was always led to believe that playing "white" (making first move in other words) was a distinct advantage. I am sure 20 or more years ago, when I used to follow some of the major championships, a draw playing black was considered an achievement*, whereas a draw with white was a setback*. I have noticed on GK that there seems little difference in the stats for white/black wins even amongst the play chess online…
Chess Tactics ♡ 250 ( +1 | -1 )
OK! So I have this tourney tomorrow ... I dont' play in many tournaments ... any last second advice? What kind of little things do you do to keep yourselves focused? Any little tidbits would be helpfull .. plus it would just be interesting to see what kind of different replies this brings. Thanks. Advise "sit on your hands" :-)) Give it an extra thoughts before moving! Best wishes Cairo food and drink be sure to bring adequate food and play chess online…
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Fischer's return???? An interesting thought was put forth by pawntificator in the "Greatest player of all time" thread. Anyone else think that the mighty Fischer makes one last stand? If so, I wonder who would play him, and why? I, for one, would love to see him make an attempt to regain what was once his. The real question, I think, is who would be the first to tangle with him? Knowing RJF's penchant for the shocking, he would probably demand an play chess online…
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Draw Please? (kind of funny) board #1046329 I offered a draw somewhere near move 44, but this guy won't quit! He insisted that he could win and forced us to play on. Oh brother... Don't bother to say "on move 57 White/Black could forced the win in 12 moves etc..." because it just doesn't matter anymore. I know there are plenty of mistakes, but this kind of wishful thinking helps me understand human nature in a much more broad way. i agree with play chess online…
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Endgame Book Does anyone know a good book on endgames? Thanks in advance. Silman Endgame Book If there is an endgame book that I will recommend, it would be Silman's "Complete Endgame Book". This book is different from other endgame books in terms of presentation. Other endgame books categorize endings accoring to pieces i.e., rook endings, bishop endings etc. However, Silman divided the material according to rating. This has its benefits. For play chess online…
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Some people aren't good sports board #1289811 I didn't say anything in reply. Or should I? Not verbally You spoke quite well in twelve ;-) He didn't put any thought into his game at all until his comment! Some people aren't good sports what else is new! :o) thanks for the tipů a new addition to my ignore list Anaxagoras says: "He didn't put any thought into his game at all until his comment!" I don't think he put any thought in even at that play chess online…
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Analysis In a reacent game (7th Jan 07) between sf115 and gammon007 an interesting postion came up: After 15.bxc3 Nxe4 16. Qf4 Bxf3 17 Bxg7!!! Black has some choices 17...Kxg7 18. Qxf3 Nd2 19. Qe3 Nxf1 20. Kxf1 b6 21. Re1 Re8 22. a4 is about even OR 17...Kxg7 18.gxf3 Nf6 which is very unclear but I think it's about even OR 17...Be2 18. Rfe1 Bd3 19 Red1 Bc2 20. Re1 Bd3 21. Rcd1 Bc2 22. Rc1 draw Can anyone add to this analysis? 17...Be2 play chess online…
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Castling Why does black usually castle after white castles, well ive seen it in many games at all levels, any reason why black does it the same move that white does it? Probably... ...because Black moves second, statistically it is more probable that Black will castle second as well. That the first move confers on White something of an initiative to begin with, may tend to tilt the likelihood even further towards White castling first. Much will play chess online…
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chess ability v age this could be a huge thread so plese give your views. i have found the player spymaster and he is 99!!! not only is he probably one of the oldest players who comes on gameknot, he has a rather respectable rating as well. so on to the question and opinions. i am a believer that when you age you tend to know a little bit less and your memory can start to become a little bit cloudy, however spymaster could be a fine example play chess online…
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Ratings Cap I must admit I still find it odd to play people with a rating of 1800 who have never beaten anyone with a rating over 1600. Why not cap people's ratings at say 100 points more than the best opponent they have beaten in the last 50 games? if i understand you right..... because if a higher rated timed out, or made a blunder, or his/her pieces didnt fully load, and made a bad move from that, then an 1800 might beat a 2100 on an accident, play chess online…